Organic Food In Dubai Is Expanding Fast As Demand And Awareness Grows

Demand for organic food is growing around the world, the UAE market has some of the highest growth rates in that region. This is thanks to several factors: 

  • Consumers' awareness of health benefits associated with organics. 
  • A growing number of local farms supply organic produce.
  • Rising costs make eating this way more affordable than ever before.

Organic food prices are stabilizing

Organic food prices are stabilizing after a sharp rise in recent years. Organic food prices have been on the rise since the late 1990s when consumers began to pay more attention to what they were eating.

The price of organic produce in Dubai is still higher than it should be, but at least it’s not as high as it was five years ago. 

Since 2002, the price of organic food in the United States has risen steadily. The price of organic produce has increased by up to 40 percent in the past five years alone.

Farming locally requires a lot of space

Organic food is more sustainable, but it's also more expensive. Local farming requires less space and water than agriculture on a large scale, which means that you can grow your own organic produce in Dubai without having to worry about land or water scarcity. 

This also makes it easier for organic farmers to protect their crops from pests and disease by keeping them contained in one place, unlike large-scale farming, where pesticides are often used on an industrial scale.

The UAE depends on food imports for most of its consumption

The UAE has a desert climate and thus is difficult to grow crops. However, due to its location in the Persian Gulf, countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are able to import products from these countries for their residents. 

This allows for cheaper imports than if they were sourced locally. As a result, 90% of all imported food items come from other countries (including some Middle Eastern ones).

Organic food is growing in the UAE

organic food in dubai

Organic food is becoming more popular in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. There are many organic food stores in Dubai, but they are expensive compared to regular grocery stores or supermarkets. 

Some people think that organic food is too expensive, but it's actually cheaper than many other types of food because it doesn't have any pesticides or chemicals added to it. Organic fruits and vegetables usually cost more than non-organic ones because they're grown without artificial fertilizers or herbicides (which means less waste).

Organic foods have been around for a long time, but now there are more people interested in buying them because they know how important it is for our bodies' health (and the environment). In fact, there was over 200 million pounds worth of organic produce sold worldwide last year alone.

A growing number of local farms are supplying organic

Demand for organic food is increasing and so is the number of local farms. Organic food is a growing trend in Dubai. Local farmers are supplying more and more crops to help meet the increasing demand for organic produce.

The local farms that supply organic foods tend to be larger than those that don't offer it as an option. This means they can produce more crops at once while also ensuring that they have enough space available to grow them properly - which leads us to our next point.

Organic is expanding across the rest of the GCC

Sales of organic food are increasing in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. With organic food being one of the most expensive types of groceries, it's no surprise that people are starting to explore this option.

The UAE is also expanding its organic offerings as well. On top of Dubai being an international hub for luxury brands and premium services, it also happens to be one of the largest markets for organic products in the entire world. 

If you're looking for something healthy or delicious but don't want to spend too much money on it (or if your budget isn't high enough), then look no further than our list below:

Certified organic farmers must follow strict rules

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets strict standards for organic farmers in this country, who must be certified by the agency before they can sell their products as "USDA Organic." The USDA has set out a number of requirements for organic farmers, including:

  • Using only certified organic seeds (no synthetic chemicals or pesticides)
  • Not using any antibiotics in their feed (to keep the animals healthy and prevent diseases)

Using organic farming practices (including crop rotations, cover crops, and planting legumes) and Not using genetically modified organisms

Dubai's organic food demand is rising

Dubai is a very wealthy city and has a large ex-pat population. Many international residents also come to live in Dubai, which results in an even higher demand for organic food. As the population of Dubai grows rapidly, so does its demand for organic food.

Dubai is also a very humid city, which makes it difficult to grow organic produce. But this is exactly what makes it so special: As the population grows and food becomes more expensive, people begin to realize that organic food is worth the extra money.

Organic food costs up to 150 percent more than regular food

Organic food is more expensive than the food we are used to buying. Organic food costs up to 150 percent more than regular food and can be twice as expensive.

Organic farming was developed in the 1930s by Sir Albert Howard, who believed that organic farming could be used to improve soil quality and help prevent disease in plants and animals. 

However, it wasn't until recent years that the demand for organic products began increasing rapidly with an increase in awareness among consumers about them being healthier options compared to conventionally grown foods such as meat and dairy products.

A tour of Dubai’s organic food stores

In Dubai, there are several types of organic food stores. Here's an overview of them:

  • The Organic Food Store
  • The Organic Market
  • The Organic Grocery
  • The Organic Butcher

In Dubai, you'll find many options. There are many more, including:

  • The Organic Kitchen
  • The Organic Garden
  • The Organic Pantry, And Cafe
  • The Organic Market and Cafe
  • The Organic Kitchen and Pantry

Dubai-based stores are capitalizing on demand for organic food

organic food in dubai

Dubai-based stores are capitalizing on demand for organic food.

"Organic food is becoming more popular," says Rajesh Kumar, the founder of the organic store The Kitchen. "It's becoming more expensive but people are willing to pay the extra money because they know how good it is."

Kumar says that people in Dubai now want to buy organic products because they believe that it's healthier and better for the environment.

Thanks to better access, it is becoming more affordable and popular as consumers look for healthier options

Organic food is more expensive than regular food. It's also better for the environment and your health, so it makes sense that people are beginning to pay more attention to what they're eating.

The rise in organic food sales has been steady over the past few years but has accelerated recently with a particular focus on Dubai as an export hub for organically grown produce from around the world.

Organic food is defined as food that is produced using methods and materials that do not involve artificial chemicals, genetic engineering, or irradiation. To produce organic products, farmers and manufacturers must not use most conventional pesticides or fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients.

The popularity and availability of organic food are growing

Around the world, organic food is growing in popularity and availability. The market for organics has exploded in recent years; there are now many farms producing organic produce throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Organic food is made without the use of man-made chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farms do not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their farming practices.

In a global context, organic food is becoming more accessible to consumers. A commitment to organic farming is one way that people can protect the rich diversity of species in their local ecosystems. It helps farmers build their livelihoods while caring for the environment and creating healthier communities.


Dubai’s organic food market is expanding and has become a hot destination for travelers looking to sample local delicacies. As large, international chains like Whole Foods Market continue to enter the market, we expect it will only continue to grow. 

The demand for organic food goes beyond Dubai and reaches far beyond just health benefits, too. Retailers can make more money by selling products that are locally sourced and grown organically in order to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet while supporting local farmers who need jobs.

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