Establishing New Lawn Using Organic Compost


Lawns are an essential part of our homes and gardens. They give us a place to play, relax, and entertain ourselves. A healthy lawn is also vital for the environment, providing a home for wildlife and helping to improve air quality.

One of the most important factors in creating a healthy lawn is soil quality. On the other hand, Lawns can be challenging to establish and maintain. Organic Compost can help improve your soil's quality, providing the perfect foundation for a healthy lawn.

What is Organic Compost?

Organic Compost is 100% organic compost that has been specifically formulated for use on lawns. It is composed of a combination of green waste, manure, and other organic compounds. This unique blend provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

How does Organic Compost help my lawn?

Organic Compost helps improve your soil's quality, providing the perfect foundation for a healthy lawn. The organic matter in the Compost helps to improve drainage and aeration, while the nutrients help to encourage strong growth.

The first step to going organic:

go organic

The first step to going organic is to get your hands on some quality compost. Organic Compost is an excellent choice for lawns, as it is specifically formulated to provide the perfect foundation for a healthy lawn. You can purchase Organic food from our website or one of our stockists.

Once you have your Compost, you must spread it over your lawn. The best time to do this is in the spring or autumn, when the weather is more relaxed, and the grass grows more slowly.

You will need

  • A spade
  • A rake
  • Organic Compost


  1. Use a spade to lift a section of turf.
  2. Dig a trench around the edge of the turf, approximately 15cm deep.
  3. Remove the turf and set it aside.
  4. Rough up the soil in the trench with a rake.
  5. Spread a layer of Organic Compost over the soil, approximately 5cm deep.
  6. Place the turf back onto the soil and press down gently.
  7. Water the area well.
  8. Repeat these steps until you have finished establishing your new lawn.

Now that you know how to go organic, it's time to start! Use the go organic discount code to get off your purchase of Organic Compost.

Transition to Organic Food:

Eating organic food is one of the best ways to go green and protect your health. Organic foods are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Toxic pesticides and fertilizers can damage the environment and your health.

Organic foods are also generally more nutritious than non-organic foods. This is because they are grown in healthier soils containing more nutrients.

If you're interested in eating organic food, there are a few ways to make the transition. Start by slowly incorporating organic foods into your diet. You can do this by replacing one non-organic food with an organic food each week.

Another way to go organic is to support local organic farmers. This not only helps to reduce your carbon footprint but also supports the local economy.

You can find organic foods at most supermarkets or purchase them from local organic farmers.

If you're interested in purchasing organic foods, use the go organic discount code to get a discount on your purchase.

How Much Organic Matter Is in The Soil?

The amount of organic matter in the soil is a crucial indicator of soil health. Organic matter helps to improve drainage and aeration. While the nutrients it contains help to encourage strong growth.

Unfortunately, many soils have lost a significant amount of organic matter due to intensive farming practices. This has led to a decline in soil health, which can harm the environment and our food supply.

If you're interested in increasing the organic matter in your soil, you can do a few things. First, you can add organic amendments to your soil, such as Compost or manure.

Another way to increase the organic matter in your soil is to cover it with a layer of organic mulch. This will help to protect the soil and prevent erosion.

You can also encourage the growth of organic matter by planting cover crops. Cover crops are plants that are grown to protect the soil and improve its fertility.

How do I use Organic Compost?

go organic

Organic Compost can be used on both new and established lawns. For best results, spread a layer of Compost over the lawn and rake it in. Water well and leave for a few weeks before mowing.

Remember, Organic Compost is a 100% organic product, so it will need to be replaced every few years.

Where can I buy Organic Compost?

You can buy Compost with any go organic discount code from many websites. We offer a range of discounts for bulk purchases, so getting the Compost you need for your lawn is easy.


Organic lawn care is a great way to go green and protect your health. You can create a healthy lawn that will last for years by using organic products. Organic Compost is an ideal way to improve soil quality and create a healthy lawn. And, with the go organic discount code, it's easy to get started. So what are you waiting for? Get storarted today!

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