Fresh Organic Chilled Beef Knuckle 1Kg

SKU: 2200060000000
Organic Chilled Beef Knuckle

Fresh Organic Chilled Beef Knuckle 1Kg

SKU: 2200060000000
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  • 100% organic and pure halal
  • Free of harsh chemicals

Chilled beef that has been reared on organic feed and is devoid of hormones and antibiotics is known as organic beef. It is often kept and marketed at chilled or refrigerated temperatures, and it is prepared and packed in a way that protects its freshness. Because organic beef is seen to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable than conventionally grown beef, some people prefer to purchase it. Due to the absence of additives and chemicals that are occasionally used in the manufacturing of normal beef, it is also believed to be healthier. To make sure that a food product satisfies your unique dietary needs and preferences, it is always a good idea to read the label and ingredient list.

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