Organic Solan Sparkling Water 750ml

SKU: 8411547212740
Organic Solan Sparkling Water 750ml

Organic Solan Sparkling Water 750ml

SKU: 8411547212740
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Quench your thirst with Solan Sparkling Water in a generous 750ml bottle. This refreshing beverage boasts a mineral-rich composition, including 284 mg/l of bicarbonate, 60 mg/l of calcium, 26.7 mg/l of magnesium, 4.8 mg/l of sodium, and 1.0 mg/l of potassium. With its bubbly effervescence and natural mineral content, Solan Sparkling Water offers a revitalizing and hydrating experience for a healthier lifestyle.


Bicarbonate (284 mg/l), Calcium (60 mg/l), Magnesium (26.7 mg/l), Sodium (4.8 mg/l), Potassium (1.0 mg/l).

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