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    Organic Pitted Black Olives In Brine 550g
    AED. 28.95
    Organic 100% pear juice (glass bottle) 500g
    AED. 18.90
    Organic Cauliflower Florets 450g
    AED. 17.96
    Organic Extra Fine Peas 450g
    AED. 16.50
    Organic Flakes of Whole Buckwheat 500g
    AED. 14.75
    Organic Buckwheat 500g
    AED. 19.95
    Organic Ciabatta Bio 210g
    AED. 12.00
    Organic Whole Chicken Halal 1.5Kg
    AED. 109.95
    Organic Millet Flakes 500g
    AED. 15.75
    Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Fino 1000g
    AED. 22.25
    Organic Breading Corn Flour 375g
    AED. 19.75
    Organic Cappelli wheat biscuits 250g
    AED. 15.75
    Organic Croissant Bio 60g
    AED. 10.00
    Organic Broccoli Florets 2Kg
    AED. 75.25
    Organic Pasteurized Sauerkraut 330g
    AED. 20.50
    Organic cocoa biscuits 350g
    AED. 17.85
    Organic Einkorn Sticks with Himalayan Salt 50g
    AED. 9.71
    Organic Protein Cocoa Hazelnuts Raw Bars 140g
    AED. 13.60
    Organic Biosun Protein Cocoa Raw Granola 250g
    AED. 39.11
    Organic Gingerbread Spice Seasoning 16g
    AED. 22.21
    Organic Active Dry Yeast 9g
    AED. 85.86
    Organic Orange Oil 4x2ml
    AED. 36.02
    Organic Baking Powder Gluten free Vegan 3 envel 48g
    AED. 15.70
    Organic Couverture Chocodrop Whole Milk 1kg
    AED. 32.00
    Organic Rice Starch Gluten free Vegan 120g
    AED. 29.35
    Organic Bourbon Vanilla beet Sugar3x8g
    AED. 24.05
    Organic Candied Lemon 100g
    AED. 32.98
    Organic Whipping Cream Stabilizer 4x8g
    AED. 21.74
    Organic Mountain Tea Cordial 750ml - Glutenfree vegan
    AED. 44.45
    Organic Wholegrain Wheat Sticks with Himalayan Salt 60g
    AED. 9.71
    Organic Elderflower Cordial 750ml
    AED. 44.45
    Organic No Added Sugar Wafer with Einkorn 30g
    AED. 6.72
    Organic no Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer 40g
    AED. 6.72
    Organic Lemon Wafer with Einkorn 30g
    AED. 9.27
    Organic Smiles Chickpeas Snack With Peanut Butter Glutenfree Vegan 50g
    AED. 8.39
    Organic Rolled Oat 350g
    AED. 34.13
    Organic Peach and Melon Tea 275ml
    AED. 9.51
    Organic Lemon and Tangerine Tea 275ml
    AED. 9.51
    Organic Gassosa 275ml
    AED. 13.13
    Organic Chinotto 275ml
    AED. 12.50
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