The Estate Dairy Cultured Butter Unsalted 250gm

SKU: 604565362452
Dairy Cultured Butter Unsalted

The Estate Dairy Cultured Butter Unsalted 250gm

SKU: 604565362452
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Indulge in the rich and creamy goodness of The Estate Dairy Cultured Butter Unsalted. This 250g package contains the finest unsalted butter made from fresh pasteurized cow's cream. Crafted with care, it also features the addition of lactic cultures, which lend a unique tangy flavor profile to the butter. Whether spread on toast, used in baking, or added to your favorite dishes, this unsalted cultured butter is a versatile and delicious choice for all your culinary needs.


Fresh pasteurised Cows Cream, , Lactic cultures.

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