Organic Fairtrade Black tea 35g

SKU: 8009004901148
Organic Fairtrade Black tea 35g
Organic Fairtrade Black tea 35g

Organic Fairtrade Black tea 35g

SKU: 8009004901148
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Indulge in the rich and timeless tradition of our Organic Fairtrade Black Tea, a satisfying choice to invigorate your senses. Crafted from organic tea leaves and sourced through fair trade practices, this black tea offers a robust and bold flavor that's perfect for starting your day or taking a relaxing break. Packed with natural attributes and free from artificial additives, it provides a mindful choice for a comforting and ethically sourced beverage. Whether enjoyed with a splash of milk, a touch of honey, or simply on its own, our Organic Fairtrade Black Tea captures the authenticity of organic goodness and responsible sourcing. Elevate your tea experience with the distinctive taste and socially conscious attributes of this tea, adding both flavor and a sense of ethical awareness to your sips.

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Organic Fairtrade Black tea 35g
AED. 12.95
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