Organic chamomile tea bags 20g

SKU: 8009004815490
Organic chamomile tea bags 20g

Organic chamomile tea bags 20g

SKU: 8009004815490
سعر عادي AED. 13.50
  • المخزون منخفض - 2 قطعة متبقية
  • المخزون على الطريق
Origin: Italy
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Relax and unwind with the soothing essence of our Organic Chamomile Tea Bags, a comforting choice to rejuvenate your senses. Crafted from organic chamomile flowers, these tea bags offer a gentle and calming herbal infusion. Packed with natural goodness and free from artificial additives, they provide a mindful choice for your moments of relaxation. Whether enjoyed in the evening to wind down or throughout the day for a peaceful pause, our Organic Chamomile Tea Bags capture the authenticity of organic goodness. Elevate your tea experience with the gentle taste and health-conscious attributes of this herbal blend, adding both flavor and tranquility to your sips.

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