Organic Barley Mocha Powder 500G

SKU: 8015197051393
Organic Barley Mocha Powder 500g

Organic Barley Mocha Powder 500G

SKU: 8015197051393
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  • Roasted organic barley of the highest grade provides an unparalleled flavor.
  • A fantastic digestive is roasted barley coffee.
  • It gives you a lot of energy in the morning and is a perfect substitute for coffee.

Due to the complete lack of caffeine and the numerous advantages of cereal, barley coffee is a light and nutritious alternative to typical coffee. High starch content and easy-to-assimilate simple sugars, which provide a lot of energy, are only a few of its characteristics. Remember that barley is an excellent beverage for everyone, including those with metabolic disorders, pressure issues, and even youngsters, because it is devoid of caffeine and cholesterol. It's a light, energizing beverage that tastes delicious both hot and cold. A historical grain that has not been altered over the years is called world barley. To preserve the food's nutritional value, roasting is done at a low temperature and slowly.

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